About wordpress.com block in Brazil

As I mentioned in my first post, wordpress.com was seriously threatened to be blocked here in Brazil due to a pre-trial judge.

The information is true (there is a trying to block web access to wordpress.com here). However I want to clarify that the blocking to entire wordpress.com domain wasn’t a decision from the judge as I said earlier, but technical misunderstandings from ABRANET, the organization that represents brazilians ISPs, to report to judge the alternatives to execute that specific blocking order.

The judge’s intention was only determinate the block of one specific blog that contained outlaw material. But ABRANET told that there wasn’t another way to accomplish it without to block entire wordpress.com

So justice have to be made, and the real stupid behavior was from ABRANET and not the judge!


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4 Comments on “About wordpress.com block in Brazil”

  1. meyviu Says:

    I think you don´t know about brazilian´s judges. They have a lot of things to use on that cases, like open a criminal process, fine the blog´s author and a lot of things. The two institutions are wrong.

  2. webkinzfan123 Says:

    why dont they block the blog?!? not the site!!!! JEEZ!

  3. meyviu Says:

    It´s a problem with ABRANET that they cannot resolve our explain it to us.

  4. lqust Says:

    Not sure if everygody know, so I will try to explain the technical dificulties of blocking only the site: Every address in wordpress translates to the same host IP from worpress servers and you can always access a site with its IP instead of name (if you try accessing you end up in wordpress), so some savy URL manipulator could still acces or link to the infringing site. That is why ABRANET can’t block a single site effectively and abide to the judges orders. In the other hand, I saw a posting in http://www.baguete.com.br (portuguese only) sying that wordpress had agreed to change its policy to address this issue. We’ll see…

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