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The importance of learning English

February 16, 2010

Quite simply, in these days, if you learn English – and the sooner the better – you are statistically much more likely to have a more prosperous life. In fact, people can even raise their earnings if their ability to speak English is raised from “not well” to “very well”. Meanwhile, improving English language skills can bring you new career opportunities it can also bring you a lot of extra opportunities to expand your own horizons, giving you the chance to become a true citizen of the world.

Furthermore it is not simply wages that are affected by English language skills. In our globalized world, the way business are done or the way news are widespread or even the way people get in touch to each other is also substantially improved with stronger English skills.

It is undeniable that English language is becoming global. During the twentieth century, numerous technological inventions and developments, such as the telephone, fax, electronic mail, internet and much more, have facilitated communication between people worldwide and the language that is used most is English. From this fact, it can be understood that English language is a vital mean of communication for people all around the world. We really can realize that English became very important as a language when we get aware that there are far more non-native speakers of English in the world today than native speakers, and also is estimated that about 20,000 English words spread into other languages every year. Brazil is no exception to statistics like these, as many Brazilians in various fields of work are using English to communicate with their peers of other nationalities.

This fast-moving globalized world in which we live today is endeavoring us to be on equal par with people in the leading countries of the world, putting us under considerable pressure to work with English. In order to survive in a scenario like this, we have to be effective and efficient regarded to our communicational skills in English.

There is just one best way to deal with this situation: To learn English – regardless of what your official language is.