Hello world!

Posted April 21, 2008 by aquini
Categories: Free speech

Just another blog on the wordpress.com! I’ve choosen wordpress due to stupid behavior that some brazilian authorities have shown us at cases concerning google & orkut and wordpress.com (if you don’t know, there is some judges that are trying to block the web acess to wordpress.com here in Brazil). This is my first Blog (and my first post).

After some time, and some insistence from some friends of mine, I decided surrender me to the “world of the words” to register some interesting events here in the blog! Indeed I don’t know for sure what I really want to have registered here, but my initial purpose is start simply. As time will go on and as I will liking it, I will posting here more often, probably! But even now, with these first words, I still haven’t the main focus to my blog yet, however certainly I will be talking (writing) about issues that I really like and that are in my daily routine.

So, on that way, without big intentions I’m starting to blogging!